Choosing ESystems for Data Backup & Protection

Let us help you protect and secure your data.

Different data backup software handles data backup in different ways, having different levels of backup performance. We ensure that the correct protocols are in place to prevent data duplication and data tracking.

What are Data Backup Services?

Referes to enterprise backup software that takes data from its primary storage device and moves it to a secondary backup storage device where it can be updated and is only available to users with access.

Why Do I Need Data Backup Services?

Today, more and more critical company information is shifting from physical files to digital data. Digital information is easier to access, analyze and share. Digital data doesn't take up space nor does it require resources like physical data files do.

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Server Management and Support

IT Server Management Services includes

    Handling setup and configuration of server and software.

    Updating and monitering the server.

Why Choose ESystems as Your Server Management Service Provider?

We have highly-qualified experts to help you choose the right servers and features to set up, ensuring that we choose the solution that best fits your company infrastructure and company goals.

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Helpdesk Support

Get in touch with us today to enquire about our Helpdesk Support Solution that offers the following to your customers:

    Support for all queries

    Fast Answers



Network Management Services

When you choose ESystems, you get a virtual CIO, access to our team of highly trained IT professionals, live customer service representatives and our commitment.

We offer:

Infrastructure Setup

Network Support and Security

Quick Response Time

Affordable fixed monthly rates

Computer Technical Support

We offer:

Diagnostic services, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance for computers and other digital devices.

Pay for what service you get, no extra costs.


Affordable service rates

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Cyber Security Protection

In an evolving digital landscape, cyber security allows you to take preventive measures to defend Computer systems, networks and sensitive data from threats.

A breach of your system can affect your brand reputation, consumer trust, employee productivity and trade secrets.

Our cybersecurity services allow you to assess risks, strengthen defenses and monitor systems.

ESystems offer several solutions such as:

Managed Endpoint Protection

Next-Generation Antivirus

Advanced Email Security

Phishing Training

Multi-Factor Authentication

We offer a fixed monthly fee with no long-term contracts to ensure that we earn your trust.