Computer Virtualization

Computer Virtualization

What is Computer Virtualization?

Computer Virtualization is the creation of a virtual - rather than actual - version of an Operating System (OS), a Server, a storage device or network resources.Advantages of utilizing a virtualized environment incude lower costs of hardware servers, easier disaster recoveryand quicker backups.

Virtual Computing is suitable for:

Any business/organization looking at lowering costs for additiona hardware;

Those wanting better data security, quicker Server provisioning and swift data-recovery.

Virtualization Technology We Use
  • NComputing
  • This enables a desktop PC or Server to be shared by more than a hundred users with each user getting a full computing experience.

  • VCloudPoint
  • VCloudPoint is a Zero-Client-Device. This means there are no moving parts such as processor, hard-drive, RAM etc. With this, you can deploy up to 99 devices that are connected to a single Windows computer.This helps your business/organization in saving money, hardware, software and managing your users with simplicity.

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